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Learn more about a project we are seeking to fund-raise for.The objective of the project is to contribute towards an informed, empowered and democratic society able to reflect on devolution, civic rights, engagement opportunities and demand for effective and efficient service delivery from the duty bearers.

Specific Objectives.

  1. To promote the inclusion of citizens in decision-making bodies, boards, agencies and other public institutions and organization’s through civic education.
  2. To provide civic and voter education to at least one hundred thousand (100,000) citizens in Embu County.
  3. To increase participation and representation of marginalized groups (women, youth, PwDs) and minority communities in leadership and political processes in Embu County.
  4. To facilitate citizens with mechanisms to participate in governance processes, monitor performance and provide oversight of public institutions in Embu County by.
  5. To facilitate citizens to engage and promote accountability in governance processes in Embu County.

Project Proposal PDF