o   Facilitate integrated community based planning for influencing county plans for gender-sensitive basic service delivery

o   Facilitate formation and strengthening of  Citizen’s County Forums from the sublocation level to the county level.

o   Building women and youth capacity in leadership and governance

o   Support capacity strengthening of citizens in policy formulation and legislation and pro-poor budgeting

o   Strengthen social accountability movements and mechanisms for monitoring basic service delivery

o   Recognize, redistribute and reduce women’s unpaid care work at local, county and national level

o   Build capacity of Community Projects Committees on their mandates and standards of service delivery.

o   Analysis for progressive corporate revenue generation and production of policy briefs to lobby key leaders and institutions

o   Youth-led public education on progressive corporate taxation

o   Support community-led actions and mass mobilization of citizens to influence the adoption of fair corporate taxation policies and practices at county and national level, effectively linking with national and international level through the tax justice campaign

o   Political education for youth to influence decision making processes on basic services

o   Build capacity of youth and women in leadership and social accountability processes

o   Build capacity of citizens in regard to election systems,roles and responsibilities of citizens to ensure good governance through effective civic education forums.