Embu Citizens Oversight Network is a community based organisation working in Embu county since 2014 with the objective of enhancing good governance through civic education. The organization draws its pride and capacity from the continued partnership with ActionAid International Makima PSU to achieve the objective.

The organization is run by an experienced and deicated board of trustees with a membership of 11 persons drawn from different proffesional spheres with the secretary to the board being the executive programmes officer of the organization.

The organization has been undertaking civic education activities more so on citizen participation and specifically in regard to participatory budgeting to improve service provision as well as deliverly within Embu County in partnership with ActionAid. This was necesitated by the realization that most citizens were either not aware of the processes or were ignorant. The duty bearers were also delibarately not offering the necessary opportunities for citizen participation despite it being a provision in the constitution. In most instancces it has been the prerogative of the political leaders taking up the development agenda, concealing it from the citizens and then use it for political gains which should not be the case.

The concept of participation and representation is enshrined in the new constitution giving Kenyans the mandate to speak up and drive both  local and national agendas. Public authorities’ policy and legislative power is now subject to input from citizens for the purposes of popular ownership and to ensure the outcomes reflect the will of the people. The constitution provides for this through direct and indirect involvement of the people in policy-making and participation in the legislative business of the National Assembly, Senate and county. These – provisions coupled with fundamental rights and freedoms of access to information held by state organs are the constitutional framework for public participation in governance.


  • Participation
  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Respect to Human Rights
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork



To be the leading and indipendent citizen oversight forum and platform


To guarantee prudent citizen participation in governance through capacity enhancement and effective citizen foras.


  • Civic education
  • Budget analysis and tracking
  • Capacity building
  • Social audit
  • Partnership building
  • Social Movements establishment



  • ActionAid International
  • Fahamu Africa
  • County Government of Embu
  • TISA Kenya
  • ICPC



  • Established sublocational citizen committees in twenty one (21) sub locations within Mbeere South Embu County.
  • Distributed over 400 copies of the Embu County 2017/2018 budget copies.
  • Reached to over 2000 persons across Mbeere South with the sole message of enhancing good governance through active citizen participation.
  • Reached over 1000 persons on the budget cycle and the opportunities there in for citizen participation.
  • Inculcated the sesnse of participation amongst citizens through budget tracking.
  • Had empowered citizens directly challenging budgeting process and projects.
  • Facilitated citizens to petition the county assembly in regard to budget estimates.
  • Facilitated the citizens to raise their voices and be recognized as important in governance process.
  • Facilitated citizens through citizen assemblies to carry out social audit on publicly funded projects.


  • The unstable political environment.
  • The tribal factor in some areas.
  • Limited resources to reach out and strengthen the citizen assemblies.
  • Limited spaces, information and opportunities for citizen participation.
  • Lack of a legal fall back platform.

Contact details:

Embu Town

Emco House 2nd Floor Room 223

Email: embucitovernet@gmail.com

Tel: 0706 529 028